At Lincoln Institute of Higher Education we focus on all aspects of our students’ wellbeing and safety, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, and mental health.


Diversity and Inclusion

At LIHE, we see diversity and inclusion as a strength. Cultural competence involves not only building an awareness of one’s own cultural backgrounds but valuing the cultures and backgrounds of others. This involves valuing both the individuality of our students and the communities from which they come. As well as providing a safe and inclusive environment for students to learn, interact, and build cultural capital to become socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.

We envisage an inclusive, equitable and culturally diverse campus where all students have equal access to the learning community and academic achievement. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands upon which Lincoln Education Australia operates and commit to creating a culture of reconciliation and a campus where indigenous peoples are treated with dignity and respect. Inclusive approaches to teaching and learning is undertaken to accommodate students’ diverse learning needs.

For more details on our diversity and inclusion policies and procedures can be found in on-line Policy Library.

Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

LIHE has a “Zero Tolerance “policy on its campus towards sexual harassment and assault.

As a student of LIHE, you have the right to feel safe and secure at all times and to be able to fully participate in all aspects of life on campus. Anyone affected by sexual harassment and sexual assault is likely to experience a range of negative effects that is likely to have an impact on their studies and work. LIHE is committed to ensuring that those affected are properly supported and provided with tools and the appropriate resources for them to succeed.

During the Orientation sessions on n your first day at LIHE, you will be provided with information on the prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment and what to do if such incidents happen. For this purpose, LIHE has developed the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures to guide you through the process, should you experience any form of harassment or bullying at LIHE.

This policy defines sexual harassment and sexual assault, what is meant by consent, establishes the principles on which LEA operates, and the procedures through which LIHE aims to prevent incidents from occurring. Additionally, it details the procedures which victims of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault can make a report, what they can expect from LIHE, and the disciplinary measures that may be applied. The policy also notes the circumstances in which LEA is obliged to involve outside authorities, and how records will be kept to maintain the privacy of those involved.

Whether the incident is recent or has happened in the past, on-campus or off-campus, we are here to support our students when they report incidents of sexual assault or sexual harassment. You can either contact us in person or via email [email protected] to report the incident.

Student Counsellors are also available on-campus to listen to you, to provide you with support and further references if required. Appointments with Student Counsellors can be organised with our Student Support team, who can also provide more information if required.

All our students have access to Sonder; a 24/7 personal safety and wellbeing service accessible on demand via the Sonder app, phone and in-person. You will be shown how to download and use the app at Orientation.

Further information can be found here .

Mental Health

At LIHE we recognise that the struggles of studying far from home may have an adverse effect on a students’ mental health. As a result, LIHE is committed to providing our students the appropriate resources, tools and support to look after their psychological wellbeing. This includes dedicated on-campus student counsellors, wellness events, online resources, mindfulness training, special consideration and more.

For more information, please contact our Student Experience team or our Counsellor.

Health Insurance

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory health insurance for all international students for the duration of your visa.

OSHC helps international students meet the costs of medical and hospital care. It also includes ambulance costs and some pharmaceuticals.

There are many different health insurance providers that offer OSHC. It is recommended you have a look at each and compare the costs and benefits of each.

You can find more detailed information about OSHC and its requirements here.

Critical Incidents

A critical incident is a sudden event or situation which may cause a student and/or staff major stress, fear or injury and may be regarded as outside the normal range of experience of the people affected. Each critical incident needs to be carefully assessed and managed in line with cultural sensitivities for student(s) impacted and their families. .

More details of how we assess and handle critical incidents can be found in our Critical Incident Management Plan.