Lincoln Institute of Higher Education (LIHE) is dedicated to supporting the learning, teaching, and scholarship of students and staff through the provision of high-quality library and information resource services. With both online and physical resources accessible to all students and staff, LEA is able to foster critical inquiry and excellence in learning and teaching.

Wherever possible, we provide access to the digital version of textbooks alongside the physical version which are kept in Library of our physical library. All digital resources are accessible to students and staff via the online library catalogue located in the LMS.

Physical Library Holdings

LEA’s physical library is open from 8am to 8pm five days per week, and staffed by our Librarian and Academic Support staff.

As a minimum, the LEA library holds 1 physical copy of each text book per 20 students in each subject. Copies of some popular journals are also be provided in the Library.

You are, however, encouraged to use our extensive online library resources.

Online Library Resources

Online library and learning resources at LEA are acquired and managed in close alignment with the learning, teaching, and scholarly activities undertaken at LEA, and in conjunction with Lincoln University College. This allows you to have access to a much greater selection of learning materials.

In particular, all texts and other materials identified as recommended or required reading for courses offered by LEA are acquired for the library as digital copies of text and reference books, and subscriptions to journals as required.

All online library and information resources, including associated infrastructure, is accessible to all students, including those with specific needs, and to teaching and support staff.

LEA maintains an online repository of learning and teaching materials including:

  • Open access journals
  • E-journals
  • E-books

LEA subscriptions to providers of online journal databases are reviewed annually and expanded when any new courses or subjects are approved for delivery.

The current online library books and journals on LUC ProQuest Ebook Central System in the areas of IT and Business are:

  • Total number IT books – 6,624
  • Total number of business books – 25,921
  • Total number of business books published in the past three years – 848
  • Total number of business journals published in the past three years – 702
  • Total number of IT books published in the past three years – 651
  • Total number of IT journals published in the past three years – 715

Apart from these books and journals, the LUC ProQuest Ebook Central System also has a number of videos, audios, PowerPoint presentations and other resources available in many areas including the areas of IT and Business.