Whether the incident is recent or it happened in the past, we’re here to support our students and staff when they report incidents of sexual assault or sexual harassment. You can either contact us in person or via email to report the incident. Or talk to our Counsellor. You can also report an incident which has happened to someone else (e.g. where you witnessed the incident or you’re reporting on behalf of a colleague or friend). If you report on behalf of another person, please don’t provide any identifying information that can reveal who the person is (e.g. their name) unless you have their consent. If you’ve witnessed an incident and you don’t know the name of the persons involved so you can’t seek their consent, you may still report the incident.

Further details can be found in the Sexual Harassment and Assault Policy.

You can also access confidential phone support lines:

  • 1800 RESPECT (National Support Line) 1800 737 732
  • NSW Rape Crisis (NSW) 1800 424 017

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